Thursday, May 15, 2003

ok, went to the 10:00 showing of "Matrix Reloaded" last night and that is one BAD (meaning good) movie. it was a little rough getting to sleep aftewards and then even more rough getting up at 5:00. But the special effects are as you would expect, amazing. I thought there were a lot more philosophical discussions and spiritual overtones in this one than the first flick. Pretty engaging if you like to think at a movie. My favorite line comes from Morpheus (who is portrayed as a thundering preacher). Morpheus keeps the faith when many are not believers in the prophecy. He is told something like, "Nobody believes in that stuff, Morpheus", he responds, "My belief does not require that they do believe." He believes in the prophecy because he has experienced it personally to be true. Regardless that it is not popular opinion, even amongst his own kind (the rebellion). The take security in their own power and resources. Morpheus stands as a prophet and points towards a higher power that is ordaining purpose and partnering with them to orchstrate the future. and that begs the question. Do I believe in the one true Gospel that is more about suffering than prosperity? Do I point to a higher source of dependency, or am I an info-mercial of the self-sustaining marketing schemes of popular Christianity? Eugene Peterson says that Christ following is best accomplished somewhere out on the margins and in the minority. Once it becomes mainstream, it loses its purity and becomes self-sufficient religion and the machine that enslaves us to maintain it.
"reloaded" also had a great deal to say about the nature of power and choice, which will have to wait for a future blog.
Lord God, that your Gospel be pure in me today. That the reality of your Kingdom here amongst us be my present assurance. That I be a believing prophet today, and not a clone of the mainstream. Rule and Reign in me today, Abba Father.


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