Thursday, May 22, 2003

ok, I'm a Christ follower and I saw Matrix 2. I can't tell you the kind of controversy this has caused in the Christian School Culture that I'm employed in. My going to see it has been interpreted as an endorsement for all under-17 year old rebellious kids to go see it behind their parents back. I wondered how long my "un-evangelical" lifestle would catch up to me here at school. Since day #1, I've wondered out loud if this is a good fit for me or them. Am I a poison to young minds? Is the rebellion that I communicate the kind that Jesus endorsed, or is it my own arrogant agenda? I did receive a contract today to teach next year, but its for less $ than I have ever made. Less than my first ministry job out of college. Can I survive in a stressed enviorment, working 50 hours a week just above the poverty level, responsible for 3 kids, a wife, health insurance, mortgage etc.? Well, only God knows. If he says to stay, I'm staying. But I have no other opportunities and unemployment sounds like a deeper hell. Today sucked and its only half over. If any of you are independently wealthy and need someone to carry your bags or have a prophetic word, lay it on me. I think I'm ready to listen.


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