Tuesday, May 06, 2003

Well, being new to the blogging world, I was looking forward to a venue for me to spill my guts and wax eloquently about the things that matter and everything that doesn't. But then I read some more of Henri Nouwen today. "Way of the Heart", p. 40 is about silence and words. Our world is full of words and words connect us to worldliness. The lack of words in silence connect us to the Spirit of a living God. Only out of silence he says can we speak words that matter. "A word with power is a word that comes out of silence. A word that bears fruit is a word that emerges from the silence and returns to it." and "Silence is a sacred discipline, a guard of the Holy Spirit." These are elevated thoughts for me today.

As a side note, Creech, Rains and I had a 10 minute chatroom discussion today on the nature of proclamation, role of church tradition and the emerging culture. We decided that we liked John Wesley's theology of the Quadrilateral. That is that 1) Scripture 2) Reason 3) Experience and 4) Tradition all have a role at the round table in living and teaching the words of faith. There is more to it than that, maybe Creech can publish the chat verbatim.

Have begun fasting tonight for Jennifer Palmer and will end it tommorrow evening after a couple hours of solitude in place of "Fight Club" this week. God has given me this prayer to pray for the Palmers. "Father, would you bring a Resurrection to dead cells tonight? You are Creator God, would you Incarnate yourself in her body and breathe healing into the cancer, inhaling your power, exhaling the dead cells. In unity with the many saints crying out on her behalf, would you hear our prayers and begin a Resurrection? And in all things, may your name be lifted up and that you would be glorified in their suffering. May the peace and love of Christ dwell on the Palmers tonight. Amen."


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