Sunday, February 12, 2006

Great OCC Weekend

Man, was I due for a great weekend and it delivered. My stomach flu was gone by Friday afternoon, my blood thinners have effecitively ridded myself of the extreme pain and I was ready for some spiritual community time. There were about 40 folk all had a blast. We partied, we played, we ate alot, we worshipped, we prayed, we learned together. It was a Holy Spirit love fest. We're all quite exhausted but I'll be rested enough to return to my teaching duties tommorrow and that is well overdue.

The things that were shared on Saturday night were quite significant. Testimonies of how this little church called Ordinary Community has brought healing, restoration and hope to individuals and families made me pretty teary eyed and proud. I had a dream of a church like this back in 1997, it took til 2001 to plant it, and now 5 years later we are continually yielding the fruits of lives lived in real community under the Rule and Reign of the Kingdom of God.

I don't spend a lot of time in the larger "emerging church" conversation, rather just try to live out what we believe is authentic Christ following and the critics can label it what they want. I believe that if the Church is emerging or reforming, it is to happen in the local context where relationships are happening. The Church is the movement of the People.

While I take the time to celebrate these victories, I also recognize the Enemy's footprints still in our camp. So War is always upon us. As we practice His presence, we have Power to overcome.


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