Saturday, February 04, 2006

Off the Map hires an Atheist

Jim Henderson and Off the Map is at it again, doing something crazy to try and raise awareness about doable evangelism and engaging some of God's missing in authentic conversation. They won an eBay bid on an atheist in Chicago who agreed to visit one church for each $10 raised. Its a very funny scenario and has gotten local Chicago press attention. Jim is always looking to do something innovative to keep the conversation going when it comes to evangelism.
OTM atheist

If you like this kind of "off the map" thinking, you should check out Jim's book here at Bean books:
aka lost

Its a great easy read on new evangelism and Jim is one of the smartest and most creative guys out there on the subject. Oh yeah, and he's a great friend of mine and mentor.

for those who care, my swelling has really decreased and thus so has my pain. much more manageable now. thanks for the prayers.


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