Wednesday, February 08, 2006

stuff from other blogs

just reading other blogs give me items for humor, deep thought and sometimes changes my mind on things. Here's a few from today:

Rick Meigs
The nine core practices of emerging churches are well-defined and illustrated with comments from those who are “practitioners” of contextualizing the gospel of the kingdom of God in the postmodern world.

1. Identifying with Jesus (and his way of life)
2. Transforming secular space (overcoming the secular/sacred split)
3. Living as community (not strangers in proximity at a church service)
4. Welcoming the stranger (radical and gentle hospitality that is inclusive)
5. Serving with generosity (not serving the institution called “church,” but people)
6. Participating as producers (not widgets in the church program)
7. Creating as created beings
8. Leading as a body (beyond control and the CEO model of leadership)
9. Merging ancient and contemporary spiritualities
“Emerging churches destroy the Christendom idea that church is a place, a meeting or a time. Church is a way of life, a rhythm, a community, a movement.”

John Henson
The other article I just read was on the Ooze and deals with the need for less manager Christians and more who are described as mystic, poet, and dreamer. I love the quote:
"When I meet a Buddhist monk, I meet a holy man. When I meet a Christian pastor, I meet a manager.." A Chinese Businessman traveling in America

Jeremiah Smith love this bro.
Build your own church PC game

This from Rains a few days ago.
"In conversion you are not attached primarily to an order, nor to an institution, nor a movement, nor a set of beliefs, nor a code of action -- you are attached primarily to a Person, and secondarily to these other things... You are not called to get to heaven, to do good, or to be good -- you are called to belong to Jesus Christ. The doing good, the being good, and the getting to heaven, are the by-products of that belonging. The center of conversion is the belonging of a person to a Person."

E. Stanley Jones

all good stuff.

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