Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Launch from Center

Our annual family retreat for Ordinary Community Church is coming this weekend and our theme this year is "launch from center". We will be talking about the spiritual disciplines and living a centered life in Christ in which we launch our life in this world. We will be utilizing 2 of Henri Nouwen's teachings, his book "Way of the Heart" and "Reaching Out". The sessions for the kids will have a "space" theme and will talk about the values of prayer, scripture reading and loving neighbor.

We will be staying in a lodge together about 45 min. from our homes, its so good to get away and be community together. We will have about 40 adults and kids, good times. There will be highly inter-active teachings for kids and adults, experiential learning is our DNA. There will be crazy fun, extended late-night worship session, times for solitude, prayer for one another, time for the prophetic . . . all to receive from and give to God.

Friday night will kick off with a kickin' family karaoke/dance party. I will be mixin' the jams from my iPod, since I can hardly move, at least I can serve my community from my seat with 80's tunes that rock hizzy. Just some time to blow off some steam and be together inter-generationally. Ain't no party like an OCC party . . .

I am a bit down given my newly lame leg. I am looking forward to teaching from my heart, being with God and around my spiritual community. I can be authentically me around them, and that is a gift. I don't have to be strong or have it all together, I can be broken and yet I am loved. That is what Kingdom community is all about.


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