Thursday, February 09, 2006

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So if everything else I'm dealing with wasn't enough, I contracted the stomach flu last night as well. Have had a fever of 102 off and on and many slow trips to the restroom w/ crutches. All of this has completely wiped me out. But I oppose this crap.

Palmer was supposed to come down and be interviewed by me in CCS chapel today and we had to postpone it due to my condition. We both feel strongly that something important in the Spirit was supposed to happen so we will make sure to re-schedule.

Our OCC retreat is this weekend and if I feel the way I do right now, I can't go. And in my heart, I feel I'm supposed to be there. So I have to fight this sickness in prayer tonight.

The revival happening at Asbury College right now (I'm an Asbury Seminary graduate) is in line with the revivals that broke out there in the 1950's and 1970's. They started chapel on Monday and its still gooing. These are consistent with things we experienced in the mid-90s around many college campuses, including Trinity where my wife and I went. Are they authentic? I guess thats a matter of discernment. But they are marked not with emotional worship, but with a heavy realization of sin and repentance. I want to be open to the waves of the Spirit. In the Spirit, I sense that this weekend will be significant for our community and I would like to be there.

So tonight I go to war against my sickness.

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aqui said...

I totally match with everything you've written.