Friday, February 24, 2006

Zach update amongst other thoughts

autism senior

Check out that link for a pretty heart warming story. Yesterday, Zach had his autism evaluation test which is the latest in a long line of tests dating back to July. The only one left is a hearing test that depends on the fluid in his ears clearing up in the next few weeks. The diagnosis will come after all the tests are put together and evaluated.

Nicki and I are seeing real improvements in Zach since he started the special-ed pre-school program. He is open to cooperation with others and is trying to speak more and enjoy it. When I see those things happening, I just get all geeked up. Plus, Nicki was gone for 6 days to Florida for her annual "girls trip" so Zach and I logged a lot of hours together, I cherished every minute of it. He is more responsive to me now than ever and I'm loving it. I know with his limitations that the world can be confusing and frustrating, but when he makes progress the stress can roll off his face and I see a smile ear to ear.

Nicki and I were both high achievers in athletics, it was somewhat our identity. Its natural that we want to see our kids find something they love and be great at it. With Zach, we have to wonder what his limitations may dictate for him and what he'll have to overcome. When I saw the above story on SportsCenter during breakfast yesterday morning, I about cried. I'm filled with hope for my son and am just enjoying the moment.

On a final note. Pray for Palmer. I will never give up the fight. I hate sickness, I hate disease . . . they are not of the Kingdom that we belong to. Creator of our Being, heal my brother completely.


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