Sunday, February 26, 2006

Last Week at CCS

This will be my last week at Cincinnati Christian High School as the Bible Dept. Head. When I came to CCS 4 years ago, I came unwillingly. I wanted nothing to do with a bunch of spoiled Christian kids and represent traditional Christianity. Every year, I thought it would be my last, but God seemed to keep calling me back. Then I got to the point where I thought I would be content to be there for 10 more years. That's about when I was approached to consider going full-time at Indiana Wesleyan University in administration and teaching. I will be working in Student Services for the Cincy and Dayton campus as well as continuing to teach night classes. My job will change dramatically and so will my hours. Its a great opportunity for me to continue teaching at the University level while improving the resources for my family. The benefits and salary will be a much needed improvement. Plus I can pursue a doctorate in Education through IWU for free, and that's a good price. Its more administrative than what I do presently, but I will have a full time administrative assistant working for me to do the detail work. I wil be doing a lot of life counseling with adults trying to improve their life and 1/2 of them are not followers of Jesus. So I remain on the front lines of inviting people into the Kingdom Story, which is my passion.

So, then there's leaving the students I have invested my blood, sweat and tears into. I'm not a person who does things halfway, so I fully gave myself to these students to try and show them a Gospel worth following. I was not there to give them more Bible content, I was there to war for their hearts and invite them to a lifetime of Christ following. In the midst of doing that, I became close to them personally. I actually enjoy being around them and looked forward to each class. I tried to teach that the only proper rebellion is the Jesus kind of rebellion. In particular, this senior class I have journeyed with for 4 years and it grieves me to leave them before their final year ends, but I'll be around. I will be back for senior trip if its allowed and I'll be at graduation to see them move on. Student House Church continues as well on Sunday nights with no limits.

This is going to be a hard week, like I'm breaking up with a serious girlfriend. But God just keeps writing the Story and all we can do is be present in our moments and then turn the pages.


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