Sunday, February 19, 2006

Student House Church

For those participating in Student House Church, here's an announcement. My house is not done yet, the floors are still being finished and lots of clean-up has to happen but I still want to get together because its been too long. I thought we could something social and have a little community time. I will be at the Starbucks in Barnes & Noble on Union Center at 6:00 for coffee. Then I would be interested in going to a movie @ the Rave @ 7:00. We could either see "Second Chance" (don't know much, seems interesting) or Pink Panther (not sure if its good but I loved those movies growing up). If any of you would like to hang, come on out. I had no other way of communicating, so the blog will be my message board. e-mail me if your interested in hanging out tonight >

Had a great night last night for dinner, then coffee & dessert w/ Kevin Rains and Joe Long. A little Andy's Mediterranean is always the perfect spot for good food and conversation. I'm blessed to have these Kingdom friendships. A lot is going on with all 3 of us in our vocations, transitions and deals being made. Good to have others to talk things over with. I will share more about my vocational transition here soon.


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