Wednesday, February 16, 2005

I want to thank everyone who joined us in our solidarity to blog for Palmer today. The intent was very simple, to encourage the big man up in Columbus and to expose more people to the need to pray. Creech came up with the button for the blogs and that is now the official symbol of our movement :) Go to Palmer's blog and read what a great day he had, let's keep this kind of thing going.

I had a really long day, one of those 14 hour work days. Taught my 7 classes at school, led both the jr. high and sr. high weekly chapels, worked out, got home for 1/2 hour to change and eat dinner then to Indiana Wesleyan for a couple hours of a night job helping them with financial aid. I do this to have the opportunity to lead a simple church. One where it is not my vocation but my gifting and passion. Its not so much the sometimes long hours to make it all work that discourage me, its that OCC tends to get what's left of me and a lot of days that just isn't much. I can tell that atleast for the coming year that I will be teaching very sporadically at IWU in night classes so I applied to Mount Vernon Nazarene University tonight as well as adjunct faculty in education and biblical studies. Just trying to increase my chances of earning extra $ teaching. I figure if 4 jobs isn't enough, 5 has to be closer. Maybe my day job teaching gig will pony up the $ this year so I can cease the evening work and put some more time back into OCC. This is the challenge of being a bi-vocational pastor, but it is still the set of problems that I would rather have.

In order to chill tonight, I sat in my room, turned off the lights, lit some candles and played the DVD "U2 Live from Slane Castle". That'll do the trick everytime. I'll admitt that I'm a Bono freak. I think he's brilliant and secretly wish I was him. His artistry, passion and faith are qualities I want in me. He longs for Kingdom Come and won't accept counterfeits. One of my favorite quotes of his is "I'm a Christian, but sometimes I feel very removed from Christianity." Yeah, Bono, I know what you mean.


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