Sunday, February 20, 2005

Last night was, well, special. Shared a common meal with many like-minded folk at the Brownhouse, thanks once again to the Rains for their hospitality. Around 6:30 we moved upstairs to a more private room and had a time of listening, worshipping, annointing, proclaiming, Scripture reading, declaring, loving, speaking, seeing, believing, hoping and healing for Palmer. Those present were the Palmers, Klinefelter, Brocks (thanks for the worship), Mcgillivary, Johnsons, Rains, Creech, Beans, Kenny O and myself. It was an intimate, holy time. The presence of our King was powerful and we sought to bear the burden of our brother. While my hands were on Palmer, I received a vision/word from God that was as clear as any I've ever received. It was re: his healing and it seemed to connect with him in a way that only God can orchestrate. The vision alone had me in tears, then when I opened my eyes, I looked down and the physically challenged Kenny O was under me kissing Palmer's feet. Friends, it was holy ground.

After we finished praying, Palmer took the opportunity to say a few words, but make no mistake about it, it was a Kingdom teaching, I'm still chewing on it. He spoke of our physical war against the Kingdom of Darkness and our inter-connectedness in that war. That prayer and our spiritual disciplines are not just abstract concepts that we practice "out there", but they are the real work of battle day in and day out in a War that we sometimes don't admitt that we are in. He was animate about pointing out that nights like this aren't just "neat" to be a part of, they are neccesary if we want to win this war, and for that night, it was a victory. There are many people who are enthusiastic in their initial experiences of this war, but the day in and day out battles is the true test of a solider.

Last night was special, today is a new day, its time to battle again. Do not give up praying for Palmer's complete healing.


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