Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Things seem to be stirring within the spiritual realm. Since Saturday night those who were present in prayer or actively in prayer for Palmer have been having dreams, seeing visions, woken in the night to pray, visited by demons and some of us have also manifested some of Palmer's symptoms all while Palmer is feeling well, energetic and hopeful. Things are happening, God is with us and the enemy is all around us. Maybe this is always the way it is but now our sight is just more ardent and clear. Palmer warned us that we were putting ourselves in harms way by entering this battle but I crossed that line a long time ago. I don't fear the enemy nor his schemes, but more than that. I'm not sitting back just waiting to return fire. I am waging war in the spiritual realm that has direct connection to the physical world. Our weapons are love, faith, perseverance, prayer, truth, hope, humility, courage and the resources of an unshakeable Kingdom. We rush to meet our enemy on this field. I will not stop bringing the fight to where I find him. Lord Jesus, bring complete healing to Palmers body.


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