Sunday, February 06, 2005

Ok, today is "D-day" for the Eagles. The whole world is picking against them which should make them good and angry. I am a Bengals fan first and foremost but my Philadelphia roots are pretty strong too. I'll be preparing for our Super Bowl party most of the day today, having a big crowd coming over. This is just a good excuse for community time. We are watching Rocky 2 for pre-game Philly inspiration so here's another scene to get you in the mood.

Setting: Rocky's new wife Adrian has been in a coma since delivering their newborn son. Before she went into premature labor, they had a marital fight over Rocky not fighting Apollo Creed for the heavyweight title lest he get really hurt and lose his sight which happened in his first fight w/ Creed. Rocky has been spendng his time in the hospital chapel praying for her recovery and refused to see the baby until he saw him w/ Adrian. Rocky spends night and day at Adrian's bedside and decided to drop out of the fight and give in to Adrian's request. But . . . that's until Adrian came out of her coma . . .
Adrian now awake with newborn son in arms comes the following dialogue:

Rocky: Yo Adrian, I was thinking, you know I don't have to fight Apollo, I'm thinking I'm gonna cancel this fight and just spend some time w/ you and the baby and make sure your okay.
Adrian: Rocky, shh, shh, there's one thing I want you to do for me. Come here, closer
Rocky leaning close to Adrian over her hospital bed: What Adrian? What do you want me to do?
Adrian looking into Rocky's eyes: win . . . WIN!!!!!
Rocky sits up from the bed with his marching orders, his trainer Mickey is in the room and screams "WELL WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR?????????"

Insert Rocky Theme here and fade into the best 10 minutes in film history, Rocky training to fight Creed, running up the stairs of the Philadelphia Art Museum with a thousand kids jumping around him, the whole city of Philly was behind him and of course he won in dramatic fashion. Well, I predict the Eagles win in dramatic fashion too today.
Eagles 27 Patriots 24

Its all about the eye of the tiger . . . time to get my game face on.

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