Wednesday, March 02, 2005

And so, I saw a vision. It just happened. Friends, we're at war, and its raging. Here's what I saw:

"I was walking at night in a cemetery, I was alone, it was dark, it was cold and the stench of death was all around me. Cement gravestones, cracked tombs with vines growing intertwined all around them, there was no color, everything was in black and white. I was drawn to one particular gravestone in the shape of a cross, it was leaning over like someone had tripped over it. I was standing before it and I looked to the dark night sky and there were what seemed to be spirits of death soaring over me. They were flying in every direction, active in the night. Then I realized that I was no longer standing, but kneeling before this grave. And courage was welling up within me and I screamed into the night a cry of willingness. I looked around a 2nd time and I wasn't alone, in the distance I could many of you kneeling before similar stones crying out to the night. I saw Keck, I saw Bean, I saw Arlen, I saw Joe Long etc. etc. I saw as far as the eye could see saints crying into the darkness and it didn't seem so dark anymore. And then I awoke."

We are all interconnected in this war, we need each other, we need to cry louder, we need to keep our swords at our sides, we need to bring the fight to the enemy with zero fear, we need to meet him, we must not back down, we will win this fight, but we must prepare ouselves and bring it everyday. We are never alone, never. Rain down your HOPE oh Lord, rain down your hope.

I have come to realize that the enemy has been actively seeking to destroy the work that God has been doing through Ordinary Community Church. Seeking to steal, kill and destroy. Its not that he has infiltrated our camp, its that we moved into the same neighborhood. It is indistinguishable our territory from his. We are at close quarters and the stakes have never been higher for us. Well, I'm here tonight to say in the words of Doc Hollywood, "I'm your huckleberry". (thanks Keck)

If you want a piece of my spiritual family than you can come through me. If you want deeper influence, then your going to have to take it from me personally. If you want what is not yours, then your going to fight for it. We walk in the power of the ressurrection and we fear you not. I'm going to sleep well tonight unless Abba wakes me up to pray and then I'll take my orders from Him. Whatever He commands I will do, I know no other way, He holds the words of life. When I awake in the morning, I will be back you slimy bastard. And come death or Kingdom Come in fullness, I will bring the fight to your doorstep. You see, my cries have been heard tonight and its in Him I trust.

Remember the scene in Braveheart after Wallace's big speech in full warrior gear at the battle of Stirling. He turns to his inner circle and they say "Where are you going?" Wallace responds: "I'm going to pick a fight." Then they turn to each other and one says "Well . . . atleast we didn't get dressed up for nothing." Those words have never been so true.

Friends, bring the fight to your particular context, and don't relent. I'll see you on the field.

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