Friday, March 11, 2005

Ok, I would like to now cover a few really important issues:

1) UC lost in their 1st game of their own conference tournament . . . ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha etc. etc. etc. Moving to the Big East next year should crush them.

2) My Xavier Musketeers (let's give some love to our Jesuit Christian brothers) are playing at their highest level of the year, everything is clicking. We need to win today and tommorrow to make it into the Big Dance and we wanna go dancing really bad. Go X!!!

3) About a month away from the NFL draft and into the free agency season and Marvin Lewis is showing himself to be masterful once again. Building with what we have, being patient and waiting for the market to come down to sign not one overpriced guy, but a few bargains as he's done in the past. He's a non-conforming genius. Come draft day, I know that he will do the right thing with a plan in mind and that's all we can ask for. Coach Marvin is getting to legendary status in my mind. Bengals are heading to the playoffs in 2005.

4) There is a lot of hope surrounding the Reds this year and for good reason. The offense looks stacked, the starting pitching is very improved and the bullpen doesn't have a weakness. For the first time in atleast 4 years, I'm genuinely excited about baseball starting because of the Reds. We have none of those moron steroid users, our boyz are au naturale. You can tell by looking at them, they are just pure ball players. Its about time to move out the cold and bring home the boys of summer.

5) I'm running my 1st race tommorrow. Its a 10K in downtown Cincy to support Leukemia charities. Im wrestling with a cold so Im giving my body the whole day off today from any exercising. My body definitely feels less thatn 100% but hopefully I can work through any fatigue. The worse part is that we are expecting 1-3 inches of snow overnight and it may be below 30 degrees during the run. Geesh, nice conditions for my first race. The only upside is that its the same conditions I've been training in. I can't wait to get to Florida in less than 2 weeks and run in the warm sun.

ok, enough of the important stuff, peace of Christ unto your day/weekend.

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