Friday, March 18, 2005

A night St. Patrick would be proud of

Last night was therapeutic for me, so much laughter just released the stress of the week. It was an honorable fellowship represented by Creech, Brandon, Klinefelter, Canipe, Johnson, Rains and myself. A Pope action-figure had center stage at our table and drew rave reviews from the many inebriated patrons of the Dubliner. I got accosted in the restroom for wearing my London Underground shirt on St. Patrick's Day in an Irish pub by a looney Irishman. I think he wanted to harm me, but it was hard to decipher in between the f-bombs he was throwing. I let him know that my lineage runs through Belfast and I wasn't afraid to show my affiliations. It was then that women started coming into the Men's restroom because the line in their restroom had reached an unbearable point. So I guess I was off the hook.

Around some coffee and dessert later in the evening, we had a pretty compelling conversation about the nature of organizations and servant leadership. Structurally, what did Jesus mean when he called us to be a "diaknos"? And do we take that call seriously even to the point it hurts? I got some things off my chest and found them on welcomed ears of brotherhood. I love my friendships with these guys. I honor and respect their gifts, leadership, minds, hearts, actions, communities, theology and their love for me and one another. This was a Kingdom evening that came just in time. I am so blessed.

Stop and Notice the Kingdom amongst you today,

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