Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Some guy popped "the question" on me

I shadowed another High School Bible teacher yesterday at an independent Baptist School in Kentucky. Our school is moving to block scheduling next year so we're observing to see the longer class times in action. Let's just say that this guy's style and philosophy of teaching is quite opposite of mine. They are a strict dispensational theology school, I didn't know those kind still existed :)

So in the first 30 minutes of conversation, it was inevitable in this atmosphere that he would pop me "the question". "So Chris, are you premillenial then?" I didn't know outside of 1974 that people still asked this question. Are you kidding me? This was before he knew if I was married or had kids. This question comes before, so Chris, you follow Jesus? The important question seems to be if I have the whole Bible broken down into scientific dissections of time and micro-theologies so as to have absolute knowledge which must mean sound doctrine. I just don't get it. I should laugh, I should cry, I should just move on.

peace to your day,

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