Thursday, March 17, 2005

Wearing Protestant Orange

I grew up in Irish-Catholic neighborhoods in Philly and my family heritage goes back through Belfast in Northern Ireland as militant Protestant Irishmen. If any of us was caught by my grandmother out wearing green on St. Patricks Day, we were ordered to go back inside and change and put on our orange. So today I am wearing my orange to honor my grandmother who passed this year.

Im just being humorous with my colors today, but it is a sad reality of the violence between Protestants and Catholics in Ireland and beyond. "Broken bottles under children's feet . . . " the lads from U2 have protested these tragedies through their music for years. I am pro-peace, which is the stance of Christ, period.

St. Patrick I would say is in my top 5 of influential people in my life. His approach to church planting and being missional fundamentally changed the way I do ministry. I honor him today, his courage and his heart and his God.


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