Monday, March 14, 2005

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elegant universe
Finally crossed something off of my to-do list. I watched the 3 hours of streaming video off of the Nova site regarding "String Theory" or Einstein's hunches that a theory of everything exists. The link to the videos is above. I am poor in math and science but the theory fascinates me. It suggests the mathematical realities of parallel universes and hidden extra dimensions. I wonder if they are stumbling into the physical reality of the spiritual realm. I believe that the fullness of Kingdom (our historic view of heaven) is not a realm far away in the sky but actualling a dimension near to us that is acceisble through the spiirtual disciplines. String theory seems to be dabbling into such ideas that are not new at all to anyone who follows the Script of Yahweh's Creation.

They think they have gotten closer to explaining the nature of the Big Bang but still can't account for where the particles or membranes came from that exploded. They reject the idea that something came nothing which is logical. They also reject the idea that whatever put the particles there must have pre-existence or be eternal. They are no closer to explaining the origin of the universe as they ever have been. I still find it all very fascinating and I learned a lot.

The series is called "Elegant Universe" and they agree that it is made up of incredible design. Then why is it so hard to believe that it was made by an intelligent designer who was the uncaused Cause to all things? His Revelation of Himself is the Theory of Everything. Its a metanarrative that makes sense and answers my deepest longings. For now, I'll so some more researching on string theory.



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