Tuesday, March 08, 2005

I wanted to thank those of you who took the time to pray for me and encourage me today, it worked :) As the day grew on, my countenance just lifted.

I had a couple of those kind of "off the cuff" conversations with some students today during class that makes teaching worth it sometimes. They wanted to know about my views on heaven, hell and the realm of eternity. And after I finished explaining it the way I've undsterstood them (thank you N.T. Wright and Willard) one student sat back and said: "now, that is cool" and another one said: "your view has a lot of implications for the way we live now" (amen, amen, amen) and a 3rd student said: "its a good thing I took a nap in the last class because I was able to understand atleast 50% of what you just said." I love these kind of exchanges with teenagers, its very satisfying.

Tonight at house church while reflecting during a song on the theme of lent and why Christ took the time to get on a horrific cross for us. During the song, I just felt incredibly loved by God. You can't manufacture that kind of reflection, it just happens to you. It was like the joy of my salvation came rushing back as the time I received it at 17. Then we discussed the narrative of the demon posessed man and the herd of pigs in Matthew 8 and it was a great interaction. It recounted for me the enemy that we face and why I'm driven to have my boot in his teeth. Our King has Supreme power and we have nothing to fear. Let's keep this fight going.

I love my spiritual community and that includes all of you out there in blogdom that has my back. We are one, one Spirit, one baptism, one Faith. You have given me the experience of Kingdom Come today.


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